ESG criteria are developing into rating criteria, value chains and raw materials are being evaluated, and the efficiency of processes is being reviewed and adjusted. ESG and the associated regulations are also becoming increasingly important in the real estate industry. With the ESG Disclosure Regulation coming into force on March 10, 2021, it is high time to analyse the impact on your own company. Especially because sustainability is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor in the real estate industry.

Aside from the regulations that will have a lasting impact on the industry, global developments are also a reason for this. “We are in the middle of a climate crisis. It is clear that we can only overcome it if everyone pulls together – politics, business and society. I think the real estate industry needs to be even more aware of this responsibility,” says German sustainability and ESG expert Viola Raddatz in an interview with Alasco. The change start with small steps: from the analysis of the status quo, through the identification of corporate sustainability goals, to the introduction of more sustainable internal processes. Read in this article how you can bring more sustainability into your company in nine steps.

9 steps for your sustainability strategy

Start your strategy process with these 9 steps:

Viola Raddatz

About Viola Raddatz

Viola Raddatz is an experienced expert in ESG and corporate sustainability. She advises companies on strategy development and communication in the area of sustainability and ESG.