Features, costs, maintenance, and security. Today we’re taking a head-to-head look at on-premise and cloud-based software.

There’s lots of factors to keep an eye out for when deciding on the right construction management software. Here you’ve got two basic choices: Locally installed software and web-based cloud software. With today’s business software, there’s a clear trend towards the cloud.

Software industry winners run on cloud solutions

Companies like Salesforce or Dropbox that got in on the ground floor with the cloud experienced meteoric growth are today’s leaders in their industries. The big dogs like SAP and Microsoft used local software for a long period of time. Now they also made the leap to the cloud. Studies have clearly emphasised this impressive transformation in the business world, with cloud software sales doubling in the past five years.

Figure: Global sales of cloud and on-premise software (Source: IDC)

Cloud software in the construction industry

New SaaS providers are growing rapidly in the construction and real estate industries as well, often leaving outdated software in the dust. BIM cloud solutions are fairly well-known in planning and project management. But when it comes to cost management, most companies to their detriment still use a combination of local software, manual-entry paper-based processes, and spreadsheet calculations. Alasco can change this for the better, offering its customers all the advantages of cost management cloud software.

So what’s the right solution for your business? Let’s take a look at both models, breaking down their most important attributes.




Processes and workflows

Updates and maintenance



What it boils down to

The choice is clear for today’s construction and real estate companies. Web-based cloud software is fast, secure, easy to use, scales well, requires little internal administration, and offers a great plannable monthly price package. As a user, you also get to actively participate in its permanent continued development. That equips your business for the future as you get the most out of software that is always on the cutting edge.

What puts us ahead of the competition

Some providers have a hard time getting their software up to today’s standards, investing the lion’s share of their time and development. They are making sure that older, existing on-premise licences can remain compatible with today’s technology.

Alasco on the other hand has been cloud-based from day one. This not only lets us offer our customers all the benefits of the cloud, but also keeps us quickly and continually developing our software and its features. Thanks to Alasco, the project finances of our customers are now handled digitally.

Take your real estate projects to a new level. Start working with Alasco.