ESG performance influences the market value of your property. Reducing a building’s carbon footprint means increasing its value. To stay competitive and profitable, asset managers invest in their assets’ ESG performance.

There are many investment opportunities but limited financial resources demand an efficient allocation. So, asset managers must assess which ESG measures offer the best cost-benefit ratio. This means: maximising CO2 savings and market value for the lowest possible costs.

The ultimate goal: market value and co2 savings rise, whereas costs for optimisation investments stay low

Challenges in analysing and prioritising ESG measures

To decide which ESG measures to invest in, asset managers compare them according to various factors such as expected market value, CO2 savings and execution costs. But subsidies and possible increases in rent are also essential for the prioritisation. However, this data is hard to come-by as subsidies and potential rent hikes vary by region, building purpose and building location.

Some asset managers spend lots of time building their own simplified calculation models. But this requires complex cost-benefit calculations to determine economic profitability and sustainability savings. So, asset managers need a deep understanding of the relationships between variables. Yet often, the necessary expertise for these calculations is missing.

As already mentioned, time and in-depth knowledge are necessary. Rarely are these resources available in-house. So, many outsource the evaluation of such measures to external parties. This, in turn, means high costs and dependencies.

To sum up, a simple and scalable way to compare ESG measures by costs and benefits internally is missing.

Faster analysis, easier comparison, ROI-based decision-making

ESG-Optimiser Plus_EN

The new ESG-Optimiser Plus by Alasco enables you to assess ESG measures quickly and easily. With it, you can compare measures by the costs incurred, the CO2 savings and resulting change in value. You can find out which subsidies are available for your measures. Furthermore, you can calculate the payback period, the sustainable and economic profitability of your investment.

Use the ESG-Optimiser Plus to make economically and ecologically profitable investment decisions. Because this is the only way to ensure the sustainable success of your portfolio.

Would you like to make smart ESG investments for your portfolio?