Are you ready to change the way construction is managed?

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Are you ready to change the way construction is managed?

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Meet Alasco:

We are an international team that wants to help the construction industry reach its full potential with Alasco. How do we want to achieve that? We are motivated and committed, give each other feedback, learn from each other and help each other out if things get stuck. Together we work towards our goal of making the cost management of construction projects more efficient.

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We build on your future!

We support your journey in recognizing and realizing your full potential! It is important to us that everyone can make a contribution to our success and help to improve Alasco every day with creative ideas. We support you in the best possible way, to constantly advance your personal and professional career at Alasco. With our development budget, nothing stands in the way of obtaining a new skill or improving on one.

Our values shape our actions and how we cooperate

  • Do it: Take initiatives, take responsibility and make decisions without fear of making mistakes.

  • Aim for Growth: The art of thinking fast and big while focusing on continuous progress and ever growing goals.

  • 80% consensus in the team = 100% commitment of the team members: This includes a healthy risk awareness, pragmatic thinking and a conscious handling of uncertainties.

  • Be a Frontrunner: A frontrunner requires sportsmanship, creative and innovative ideas and the ability to always think 2 steps ahead.

  • Be “nice”: Appreciation, respect and fair treatment towards each other characterizes our work.

Our Teams

We in the Customer Success Team are the first point of contact for our customers. We support them in using Alasco in the best possible way, helping them to be more successful in their projects and in their daily work. To understand how we can make Alasco better for our customers step by step, we work closely with the Sales, Marketing and Product Team. In our daily contact we provide customer support, analyze usage behavior and thus support Alasco in its growth.

As a Marketing Team we would like to convince the construction and real estate industry of Alasco. In close cooperation with our Sales Team, we always work to reach our target group at the right touch points and to inspire them with enthusiasm for our product. Our communication shows how Alasco, as a reliable partner, together with our customers, shapes their success. To this end, we analyze the needs of our customers, identify trends in the industry and produce great content that is worthwhile reading.

As a number-oriented Operations Team, we not only keep an eye on all our financial flows, but also ensure the corresponding transparency for all stakeholders. In cooperation with the other teams, we contribute to making the best possible decisions for our customers. At the same time, as the first point of contact for legal issues, we also attach importance to what is written between the lines.

In the People & Organization Team, the name says it all: the interests of our applicants and employees are our main focus. We are working on expanding the Alasco team and making our internal processes transparent to applicants. In addition, we offer our employees a fantastic working environment: this includes smooth office management, the organization of team events and employee-oriented HR management. Even in times of Corona we make sure that our employees have a good and safe working environment.

In the Product Team we constantly develop new features and improve existing functions to solve our customers’ problems. For this purpose, our product managers, UX researchers and UX designers are in constant contact with our customers to conduct interviews, test prototypes or analyze workflows. In close cooperation with our Engineering, Sales or Customer Success Team we generate ideas and test them with our users. In addition, we analyze user behavior when using Alasco to continuously improve the user experience. 

As an Engineering Team we realize the product vision of Alasco. We develop new and improved features on a daily basis and thus create the foundation for Alasco’s success. We use the latest technologies, well-designed software and automated testing. We work cross-functional and agile. Regular retrospectives, pair programming and code reviews are a matter of course for us.

Our goal as Sales Team is to build sustainable and successful relationships with the construction and real estate industry. We pursue the vision of a closely networked and digitalized construction industry by being present as Alasco at trade fairs, organizing events and exchanging views with stakeholders in personal meetings. We work closely with our Product and Customer Success Team to build the best product for our customers.

Your contact at Alasco:

Nina Hübner
+49 (0) 89 248867750

OUR Office:
Leopoldstraße 21
80802 München

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