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Our Goal:
The digitalization of one of the world's most valuable industries.

How do we plan to change the construction industry? With smart workflows, digital networking, and the efficient, effective controlling of construction projects via a great all-in-one software.

“We want to put together the best team in the world. A team in which every person, with all of their strengths and weaknesses, contributes their unique talents and has the opportunity for personal growth.”

Sebastian Schuon – Co-Founder

Work and grow at Alasco:
Our promise to you:

We’ll support and motivate you as you recognize, develop, and maximize
your full potential. Every team member is free to contribute their creativity, and we always listen to new ideas. Your personal and professional development are a top priority for us. #beafrontrunner

5 Alasco facts

That extra something: Our benefits

  • #development

    Annual development budget

    €2,000 plus 3 extra days for contracted employees, €500 plus 1 extra training day for working students and interns.


    “The budget for further development is letting me learn how to make better design decisions for the intuitive use of our app.”

    Sophia Scholpp Product Team UX/UI Designer
  • #worktimeuse

    Flexible work time

    Plan the way you want to work. 


    “As much as I like working in Munich, I’ve decided to live outside of the city. I’m now at the office two days a week to see my colleagues, and working from home on the other days.”

    Sarah Comisel Customer Success Manager
  • #teamevents

    Regular team events

    Company beer garden visit, ski trips, and Christmas parties, to name just a few.


    “It’s important for me to know how our teams work. The events are a great way to get to know the colleagues in a relaxed environment, like at the Alasco company visit to a local beer garden. What a great way to experience the Bavarian culture!”

    Tomás García Software Engineer
  • #salary #vacation

    Competitive salary and 28 days of paid vacation

    28 days of paid vacation every year and a very competitive salary.

    #salary #vacation

    “Alasco pays their employees a competitive salary. I worked together with our P&O team to develop our pay scale based on Munich benchmarks. And everyone gets 28 days of annual paid vacation.”

    Nina Hübner Recruiter
  • #apple #tools

    High-quality work tools and equipment

    You decide which devices and tools you want to use.

    #apple #tools

    “It’s critical for me as a developer to be able to decide on the setup I use. Alasco supports this and lets me decide which operating system or IDE I’d like to use.”

    Thomas Müller Tech Lead & Engineering Manager
  • #BestOfficeinTown

    A great office location

    State-of-the-art office in the heart of Munich.


    “Sure I like the flexibility of working from home. But I like to spend most of my time at the office. It’s central, and only a five-minute walk from my place. Now that’s flexible!”

    Lisa Zitzmann Head of Growth
  • #esopshares

    Shares in Alasco

    ESOP shares for all of our employees.


    “Sharing ownership with the ESOP program is a fantastic opportunity to participate in Alasco’s success as we continue to grow.”

    Greg Signal Software Developer
  • #FeedbackIsKey

    Open feedback culture

    Regular one-on-one meetings with your team lead, and quarterly feedback meetings.


    “The regular feedback is an essential part of Alasco’s business day. I really like the team retros where we can work out our challenges and make the team dynamics even better.”

    Nathalie Williams Customer Intelligence Analyst
  • #Workation

    4 weeks of workation

    Up to four weeks per year of flexible office work in an EU country. 


    “Along with our 28 days of paid vacation, the four weeks of ‘workation’ are especially cool. Since we get to work in another EU country, my Portugal surf trip is set!”

    Julia Neugebauer Finance Manager

Team spirit in action: Our values