Video: Experts from McKinsey, Marcol, Global Growth Capital
and NavigatorCRE and their take on 2023

Set up your real estate business for success in 2023

Sharing experiences and connecting both – real estate expertise and digital know-how are key to jointly tackle future industry challenges. Especially in an uncertain market characterized by steep inflation, rising costs, decreasing demand and pressure to meet regulatory changes.

Best practices and first-hand insights from Rebekah Tobias (Marcol), Sam O’Gorman (McKinsey & Company), AJ Shazad (Global Growth Capital) and William Young (NavigatorCRE) provided the basis for enriching discussions. In December 2022 at the very first Alasco event in London they analysed the current market situation. Watch the video and find out how their companies are acting in these challenging times: How to deal with financial risks, how to make reliable predictions, the importance of human resources, how to shift business models and how to successfully use technology in these uncertain times.

Watch the video in full length to understand:

  • How to deal with current market trends including rising interest rates?

  • What are techniques to successfully shift business models?

  • How do I attract well-trained young professionals?

  • How do I enable my team to do their job more efficiently?

  • Who drives digital change within a company?



Sebastian Schuon
CEO & Co-Founder | Alasco

Rebekah Tobias
Managing Director | Marcol

AJ Shazad
Partner | Global Growth Capital

William Young
Vice President – EMEA & Corporate Development | NavigatorCRE

Sam O’Gorman
Associate Partner | McKinsey & Company

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