Digital excellence in all three core areas will be decisive for future success in real estate.

Owners still buy, build, operate and sell on the basis of broken collaboration processes and decentralised data.
To optimise profits and stay successful, owners need all financial and ESG information along the whole property lifecycle in one system.

We enable real estate owners to maximise their RoI and minimise their footprint through workflows & data-driven decisions.

By bringing existing processes from paper & excel to digital workflows Alasco yields efficiency gains for all parties involved and reduces costly errors. The highest leverage on ROI in real estate is at crucial decision points like committing to a new project or tenant. Alasco makes those decisions better by making them based on data. This data is being collected through the workflows above.

ESG: A driver of future project success

ESG capital market regulation guidelines mean that financial decisions in the future will be defined by ESG criteria.

Seamlessly connect all financial data and partners in your real estate projects.
Manage your return on invest faster, smarter, and more safely with Alasco.

“We support you every step of the way and use the cutting-edge technology to help you take your real estate projects to the next level.”

  • Guided onboarding and data import
  • Proactive customer service and expert knowledge
  • Rapid product development with a clear focus on the user
  • Best practises and input from the Alasco community