Protecting your data starts with a commitment to Best-In-Class security.

AT Alasco, we strive for a best-in-class security posture in order to keep your data safe. This means that we continuously invest in different domains to strengthen the security of our workplace, harden infrastructure & workloads, detect breaches and more.

Ensuring the Security of our Digital Workplace

As a technology company, we naturally care a lot about the security of our workplace. The way that colleagues in our company communicate, access applications and handle data plays a vital role in ensuring overall security. We work to create a secure environment by applying state-of-the-art concepts such as Zero-Trust and bringing in the right solutions to help with the job.

Ensuring the Security of our Infrastructure & Applications

To build on a maximum strong foundation, Alasco heavily relies on EU-hosted AWS components to manage infrastructure, operations and service delivery.

Ensuring the Security of our Customer Data

We believe firmly that your data is our responsibility. You own it, not we. As such, we offer our customers a detailed Data Processing Agreement that describes our commitment to protecting any data that we collect and process to deliver our service.

Cross-Cutting Security Initiatives

Security at Alasco entails much more than what you see on this page. As our services are evolving, so is our threat landscape. Our Security Team runs quarterly OKR programs to improve the status quo even more. Here is a selection of other initiatives that are more cross-cutting in nature but could be valuable for you to understand.